Scott Winfield


Scott Winfield is the proud owner of Redwood Yogurt on G street. He studied economics and ran track at San Luis Obispo. He also coached track at San Louis High School. After he graduated, he moved up to Arcata. Inspired by a tennis coach at the high school that owned a yogurt shop in San Louis Obispo, Scott opened up Redwood Yogurt. He’s been working there for 31 years now. “It’s been profitable,” he said. “I have two kids and a wife, she’s a stay at home mom, and so it supports my family.” Scott’s advice for young people wanting to start their own business, “It’s kind of a lifestyle. Do your research, have a goal and a plan, and then just execute it. If you have dream, a goal, a plan, and a lot of energy, and if you focus on that dream, you can usually achieve what you want.” In college Scott thought he was going to be a stockbroker, “but I was looking for something to do, you know? When I opened this place up I didn’t think I’d do it forever, but I really enjoy coming in to work everyday, so I just keep doing it.” I asked Scott if his kids ever work at the yogurt shop. “Well… I have an eight year old and a three year old,” he said laughing. “They do come in here quite a bit though. They eat yogurt EVERY DAY… my daughter is in third grade, and she has only ever missed one day of school. She’s super healthy. She eats yogurt everyday, so I don’t know, I think there is a correlation.” Scott also mentioned that he has never had a sick day either. “Yeah, thirty years, I work everyday, I open up seven days a week… never had a sick day. I just totally love coming in to work. I work in here by myself, and it’s just awesome.” It’s so refreshing meeting people who LOVE their job. Scott has an amazing work ethic. “That’s one thing my parents passed down to me, you know, a strong work ethic. I have a bunch of siblings and we’re all hard workers. I hope to pass that down to my kids.” Scott doesn’t know if his kids are going to want to work at the yogurt shop when they’re older, but one thing’s for sure, he loves his job and doesn’t plan on working anywhere else. I asked Scott how he found out about Arcata, “I came up here to run a marathon,” he explained. “Yeah, I ran the Avenue of the Giants marathon in May when I was going to graduate. I’ve ran it like about twenty times now.” Scott still runs and bikes. He even volunteers as a soccer and basketball coach for his daughters team. Scott’s favorite thing about Arcata is that it is home to Humboldt State. “I go to the football games, volleyball games and the soccer games. And I go to the theater there. It’s just great living in a town where there are a lot of young people coming up here to study. It just gives the town a real vibrant feel. So, that’s my favorite thing about Arcata.”


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